Helping investors grow wealth with multifamily apartment investing

Why?  Multifamily apartments  investments provide consistent returns, tax benefits and long term appreciation.

As an asset class, compared to the stock market, multifamily is less volatile and has outperformed stocks year over year since 2004. Tax advantages include accelerated depreciation, and passive losses which may be useful in your tax situation. Be sure to check with your CPA or accountant to see if these benefits are for you.

How?  Learn about getting started as a passive investor in multifamily real estate.  Set up a call with us.



What’s in it for me?  Investors receive monthly or quarterly distributions which are produced by the property. Our goal is to provide at least an 8%-10% cash on cash return to our investors. Then, upon sale, your investment capital is returned and then profit from the sale is distributed.

Conservative underwriting: WRT COVID-19:  Any underwriting on upcoming deals must consider the effects COVID-19 will have on the rental market. Adjustments in vacancy assumptions and to rent increases through 2021 will be made so that a purchase of a multifamily asset will still make financial sense.


Redwing Capital’s primary focus is on multifamily investments where there is potential for increasing the value of an asset. This can be accomplished by bringing rents to market levels, performing needed upgrades, or enhancing curb appeal to be more competitive in the local market. Our target is class b and c properties that typically have a mix of 1 and 2 bedroom units. This type of property is most resilient during down markets and fares well in expanding markets. Demographically, we are interested in areas with good population growth, job growth, and low crime.

                                      About  Us


Matt Kontoff – Principal

Matt founded Redwing Capital as a way to provide smarter real estate investments for passive investors looking for stable returns typically earned from multifamily apartment syndication investments.  Matt has managed his own rental properties for over thirty years while working full time as a software engineer. He has been active in the day to day operation as well as overseeing renovations.

Matt has invested in over 800 units in the multifamily space and continues to search out winning investments. In his spare time Matt volunteers at his synagogue in various operations and fund raising roles.

Steeve Breton – Adviser

Steeve has invested in over 2,000 apartment units and has diverse real estate experience. He has built a strong network of seasoned real estate professionals and trusted advisers.

His conservative approach and analytical skills enable him to clearly assess risk and invest wisely to maximize client returns while preserving their principal. 

Steeve often speaks at national real estate conferences and has been interviewed on numerous podcasts. He is also a real estate coach where he teaches how to invest in large multifamily properties for cash flow.

He has an MBA from Babson College’s Olin School of Business. He is also an active volunteer and board member for his local food pantry.