What to expect

Cash flow. You will receive monthly or quarterly proceeds from the profits of the asset(s) you invest in. The amount deposited to your account can vary slightly based on the income and expenses for that period.

Asset appreciation. With the goal of purchasing a property that may be underperforming or need some upgrading there could be an immediate uptick in value. Long term appreciation is also a goal so that when the property is sold there is a return of capital plus a substantial profit from the sale.

Tax benefits. Cost segregation and depreciation are tools used to create passive losses that will offset proceeds from cash flow and sale of the property.

Regular communication. Monthly or quarterly emails will keep you abreast of business operations for the asset you invest in. We believe clear and honest reporting is critical to setting expectations and maintaining trust among our investors. No surprises!


How does it all work?

We pool our own funds with investors’ funds to produce the cash needed to purchase and add value to a property. An LLC is formed and it then typically borrows the rest to acquire the property. Before closing, intense due diligence is performed so there are no surprises after the closing.


How is my investment spent?

Capital from investors is spent on the purchase, interior and exterior improvements described in the business plan, closing costs, as well as a set aside for reserves. Reserves are used to prepare units for rent between tenants and are replenished from rental income over time.


How much or little can I invest?

Usually, each project requires a minimum of $50,000. You can invest more if you want – up to the maximum cash raise needed. Cash flow, tax benefits, and proceeds from the sale are determined from your specific percentage of ownership.


Can I invest from my retirement account?

Yes, you can using a self directed IRA or self directed 401K if the custodian of that account permits this.


Where is my investment held before closing?

Deposits are held in escrow in an FDIC insured account until closing. If the deal falls through the deposit is returned.


Can I sell my shares in your project?

Because this is a private placement (read the PPM details) there is not a secondary market for resale of shares.


When will I get my money back?

Your initial capital and profits from the sale will be returned after the closing of the sale.  A sale is made when the business plan objectives have been met. A refinance event could also trigger a partial or full return of capital.



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An Accredited investor is one who either earns over $200,000 per year consistently ($300,000 if filing jointly), or has a net worth (not including your residence) over $1M.